For the Second Life Greater Life project, Miun‘s work, 废皂, is a concept of reusing waste materials and making them into a daily usage product, soap.

What is WASTE 废 ?
The egg shells from the eaten eggs?
The coffee beans left over from the cold brew coffee?
The ashes from the burnt charcoal grill?
The primary function of its first life is given a new life and redeveloped to 废皂.

文案/Intro重修舊好。second life • greater life

SECOND LIFE GREATER LIFE is a project of kindness, turning waste into treasures. Through the eyes of 5 artists and the showcase of their unique works, this collaboration is aimed to create awareness for a greener and better life based on the Chinese proverb: 衣(wear),食(eat),住(live),行(travel) – which covers the day-to-day fundamentals of living. And the addition of kindness to the cycle of life, represented by the 心(core), is the final piece to the puzzle.

Date : 23rd February 2019 – 24th March 2019
Venue : 草根書室 (Grassroots Book Room)