Bev C X Miun A to Z – Found Object“Jaga Bersih, Jadi Bersih. Jom! Gotong-royong tepi pantai. ''Thank you every Kawan-Kawan who showing up in the beach clean-up event, and special thanks to Iskandar Malaysia Beyond Boundaries Programme support our event.JB does not only stand for Johor Bahru, it also has the meaning of "Jaga Bersih, Jadi Bersih". Also, art can be made out of anything. We see plastic trashes in a different way, as raw materials and made trashes into sustainable headpieces.This isn’t just a normal activity of collecting trash from the beach, it also collects data on the sheer scale of our ocean waste problem which is chronically affecting our living environment. For who are watching and sharing this video, make a little step to tell your friends – no one is too small to make a difference!Join our beach clean-up event next time, we are glad to see you being a part of the solution for our planet, our home. :)Video by BLACK PIXION#miunAtoZ#junkheadpieceassemblage#jagabersihjadibersih#bevckawanproject#miunxbevc#atozfoundobject#atozassemblage

Posted by Bev C on Thursday, 19 September 2019

A Collaboration with Clothing Brand in Johor, Bev C, Miun used ‘found objects’ to construct the 26 pieces of art assemblage alphabets for the A to Z project.

A hands-on workshop of the assemblage art was conducted during the event, whereby participants gathered the ‘found objects’ around the Desaru Beach and form the giant letters “J” & “B”, Johor Bahru.

Assemblage Exhibition
Date : 8th September 2019 – 13th September 2019
Venue : Bev C