Miun approaches art and life with a creative, experimental spirit. She sees her art as a playground for her unpretentious expressions. As part of her initiative to reuse the leftovers from previous projects, Miun utilised the shapes formed in the chemicals of the expired Polaroid films and dreams up the AtoZ of sex.

A to Z by miun’ is a curated 100 sets ART zine launching on 9th June 2019.

20 limited edition Bev C collaboration sets will be available only at Bev C. 

Each set consist :-

1. ‘A to Z by miun’ accordion zine

2. Hand painted, numbered and signed POLAROID film

3. Special SEX BLEND soap in the shape of Breast, Penis and Vaginal

4. Pressed flower, clitoria ternatea, commonly known as blue pea flower

5. Handmade vigina cloth badges

6. Die cut stickers

7. Exclusive handmade scarves by Bev C 

8. 1/100 of plywood collage painting

*balance of 80 zines will be announce in near future.